Severe Weather Preparedness Week Wrap-up

MUNCIE, IN (WCRD Weather) – If you have been tuning into WCRD News Live @ 5 this week you are well aware that it has been severe weather preparedness week here in Indiana. All week long we aired packages related to severe weather preparedness and wrapped up things with a specialty show last night, including an interview with FOX-59 (WXIN-TV) Meteorologist Ron Smiley (@RonSmileyFox59). Below you can listen to each individual package, as well as our exclusive interview with Ron. If you have any questions regarding severe weather, or weather in general, feel free to email us at or via Twitter @WCRDWX. When severe weather strikes, be sure to tune to WCRD 91.3 FM for all of your weather updates. Stay safe, and stay prepared!

Monday: Severe Weather Outlooks/Planning – Samantha Garrett

Tuesday: Weather Watches – Michael Behrens and Cody Bailey

Wednesday: Weather Warnings – Erin DeArmond and Ashley Baldwin

Thursday: Responding to Severe Weather – Shannon Clegg and Lauren Slaven

Friday: Long Term Recovery – Adam Burniston

WCRD Exclusive Interview with FOX-59 Meteorologist Ron Smiley.