Severe Weather Across Indiana February 28

With severe weather moving through the state of Indiana, the threat carries on throughout the evening. There have already been numerous tornado reports earlier this evening throughout Illinois, and these storms are now moving through central Indiana towards Muncie and Ohio. Storms are expected to come in two waves, with the first arriving within the hour, and the second line of severe storms coming between midnight and 3 AM. With the threat of severe weather, there are several precautions you can take to better prepare yourself.

  • Move any vehicles or valuables into a garage or covered area if possible
  • Make sure to have phones and laptops charged in the case of a power outage so you can have access to news and social media updates
  • Have a weather radio on hand to get weather updates
  • Make sure to have candles, a flash light, or alternative light source in the case of a power outage
  • If severe weather or a tornado hits, have a plan to protect yourself
    • Get into an interior room such as a coat closet or bathroom if you do not have a basement in the event of a tornado. Avoid rooms with glass.
  • If you hear tornado sirens going off, be aware and get to safety
  • Tune into your local news stations to get updates
  • Unplug any electronics that are unnecessary to have plugged in, as they may short if lightning strikes.

Overall, these storms should not be underestimated. Safety is of first concern, so make sure to take the proper precautions as these storms pass through the state.

— Weather Forecaster Balint Szalavari