Warm End to Friday and Severe Weather Risk

Thursday: Overcast -50% chance PM rain

High: 65

Low: 58

Friday: 30% chance thunderstorms – enhanced risk for severe weather across state

High: 71

Low: 33

Saturday: Partly cloudy – drastically colder

High: 34

Low: 24

Sunday: Clear

High: 46

Low: 35

Monday: 40% chance rain

High: 54

Low: 43

Severe weather is looking to make a return tomorrow across the state and through parts of Ohio. There is an enhanced risk across Indiana, with the highest risk being strong winds and hail, but there is also a possibility for a tornado or two. Highs tomorrow will reach 71 degrees, but Saturday will bring a drastic change in temperatures. Temperatures will drop over 30 degrees, and Saturday will have a high of 34 degrees. It’ll be an interesting next two days with the storms and colder weather, so definitely plan accordingly.

–Weather Forecaster Balint Szalavari