Cooler temperatures return to Ball State

Today: 20% Rain Chances

H: 59

Winds: W 20- 25 mph gusting up to 35 mph

Tonight: Rain/Snow

L: 30

Thursday: Partly Sunny/ PM Rain

H: 42

L: 25

Friday: Mostly Sunny

H: 35

L: 25

Saturday: Mostly Sunny

H: 48


Sunday: Partly Sunny

H: 57

L: 47

Monday: Rain

H: 62

L: 42

Tuesday: Mostly Sunny

H: 54

Forecast Discussion: 

The thunderstorms from last night have finally made their way out of our area. However, the chances of rain do return for the afternoon and evening hours. We are in a wind advisory for Blackford and Jay County until 10 pm this evening.  West Winds will gust up to 35-45 mph. Be aware of down tree limbs and there could be localized power outages. Today we will reach a high of 59. This evening the temperature will drop down to the low 30s which have the chance to turn the rain into snow. If you have plans this evening make sure you are being cautious winds gust and slick roads will be impacting your drive. A high of 42 for Thursday and rain and snow chances for Thursday evening. We will be warming back up to the 50s by this weekend.

— WCRD Weather Forecaster, Chelsea Smith