Snow, Rain, and a Warm-Up in Temperature

Mostly Cloudy
30% Chance PM Snow Showers
Winds N 10-15 MPH, Gusts 25 MPH
H: 30 L: 15

Partly Cloudy
H: 32 L: 18

H: 41 L: 28

Mostly Cloudy
70% Chance Rain/Snow Mix, then just Rain
H: 48 L: 34

Mostly Cloudy
H: 44 L: 28

Mostly Sunny
H: 47 L: 36

Mostly Cloudy
50% Chance of AM Rain
H: 54 L: 40

Forecast Discussion: Besides the slight chance for snow on Tuesday, the forecast will be dry through Wednesday and Thursday because of a high pressure system affecting the area. Friday brings with it a cold front and the chance for both snow early in the morning and rain later in the day. After that, another high pressure system will be in place from Saturday to Sunday. Once that moves out, we’re looking a small chance of rain early in the morning on Monday. Temperatures will be on the cold side early in the week but warming as we move into next week. For more weather updates from WCRD Weather, follow us on Twitter @WCRDWX and stay tuned to 91.3 WCRD.

– WCRD Weather Forecaster, Brooklyn Boatright