Thursday’s Severe Weather Risk

Thursday: 80% chance rain – severe weather throughout the state

High: 67

Low: 52

Friday: 40% chance for rain

High: 53

Low: 40

Saturday: Partly cloudy

High: 54

Low: 39

Sunday: Partly cloudy

High: 61

Low: 50

Monday: 40% chance for rain

High: 64

Low: 50

Rain showers have already impacted Muncie this morning between 9 and 10 AM. We’ll see more rain showers during the afternoon into the evening hour. This showers come in association with the chance for severe weather. Munch of Indiana central and southern Indiana is under a slight to enhanced risk for severe weather. The main risks are heavy rain, strong winds, and hail. The possibility for a tornado or two cannot be excluded though. With this, make sure you are staying aware of the ongoing weather situation. We’ll be broadcasting live if needed, and constantly giving weather updates.

— Weather Forecaster Balint Szalavari