Muncie Forecast Week of April 17th

Tuesday: Clear

High: 76

Low: 60

Wednesday: 60% chance for thunderstorms

High: 78

Low: 64

Thursday: 40% chance for AM showers

High: 73

Low: 43

Friday: Overcast

High: 57

Low: 48

Saturday: 70% chance for rain

High: 55

Low: 42

After a pleasant Easter weekend, the nice weather streak continues. Today, we hit a high of 68 degrees in Muncie. Overnight lows will drop 50 degrees heading into Tuesday. Wednesday holds a 60% chance for rain and the possibility of a thunderstorm throughout the late morning into mid afternoon. Thursday will see a second line of showers come through during the overnight hours, and then temperatures will begin to drop for the remainder of the work week. Thursday holds a high of 73 degrees, but a low on only 43. To finish the work week, Friday will see overcast skies with a high of 57 degrees.

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–Weather Forecaster Balint Szalavari