Muncie regional forecast April 27th, 2017

Thursday: Overcast

High: 66

Low: 48

Friday: 50% chance for PM showers

High: 68

Low: 59

Saturday: 90% chance for showers 

High: 67

Low: 58

Sunday: Warming – 50% chance for showers

High: 80

Low: 63

Monday: Cooler – 90% chance for showers

High: 63

Low: 50

Rain is expected to play spoiler for much of the next upcoming 5 days. We’ll see showers being to work their way into the Muncie region Friday afternoon into the evening hours. These showers will come in waves throughout the weekend, so make sure to have those umbrellas at hand if you need to go out! Despite all the rain showers in the region, we’ll still see temperatures sitting comfortable in the 60’s, even reaching into the 80’s over the weekend.

— Weather Forecaster Balint Szalavari