Storms and Showers and then a Dry Spell

Mostly Cloudy
Winds S 10-20 MPH, Gusts to 30 MPH
H: 78 L: 48

Mostly Sunny
H: 60 L: 43

Mostly Cloudy
40% Chance of AM Showers
H: 53 L: 43

Mostly Sunny
H: 63 L: 42

H: 65 L: 47

Mostly Sunny
H: 73 L: 52

Mostly Sunny
H: 75 L: 60

Forecast Discussion: Today is going to start off very rainy with a high chance for showers and thunderstorms. However, after a small chance for rain on Saturday, we’re going to hit a dry period with above average temperatures and no precipitation. Temperatures at the beginning of the forecasted week are going to start off above average, dip down to normal for a day or two, then shoot back up to above average. It’s also important to note that pollen count is moderate to high right now through at least Friday so for those of you with allergies, you may want to keep indoors. For more weather updates from WCRD Weather, follow us on Twitter @WCRDWX and stay tuned to 91.3 WCRD.

– WCRD Weather Forecaster, Brooklyn Boatright