A wet week ahead; flurries for Friday evening?

Overcast, Thunderstorms Possible
Winds SE 15-20 MPH
H: 64
L: 53

Overcast, Early Chance of Rain Showers
H: 58
L: 44

Cloudy, Chance of Thunderstorms
H: 63
L: 44

Cloudy, Chance of Scattered Rain Showers
H: 46
L: 35

Cloudy, Scatter Rain Showers to Snow Flurries
H: 45
L: 33

Forecast Discussion: Last Friday evening we began speaking about the potential for a very unsettled weather pattern for the early parts of this week. Those conditions and variables still remained consistent at this time. All of the WCRD Listening area will be dealing with a wet week ahead. Thunderstorms and rain chances look likely for the next four days as conditions will remain overcast. Today, expect thunderstorms through the day with temperatures climbing up to 64 degrees. Winds will be very gusty at times from the southeast at 15 to 25 MPH. Tuesday, a few scattered rains showers could linger around in the early morning hours. Temperatures however will reach 58 degrees and lows will begin to drop down to 44 degrees. After these series of systems push through the area, below average temperatures will grip the forecast. A few snow flurries are possible in the late evening hours on Friday night. We will continue to monitor all the conditions this week and keep you updated. Remember to follow WCRD Weather on Twitter @WCRDWX for the latest weather updates.

– WCRD Chief Weather Forecaster, Nathan DeYoung