After a slight warm up, cooler temps and rain are coming for halloweekend

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy skies. Low: 50°; POP: NONE

FRIDAY: Dropping temperatures throughout the day, with cloudy skies and rain in the afternoon and evening. High: 57°; Low: 35°; POP: 80%

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy skies with rain in the morning and you COULD see a snowflake or two. There is a slight chance. High: 45°; Low: 33°; POP: 30%

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny skies throughout the day. High: 45°; Low: 36°; POP: NONE

MONDAY: Mostly sunny skies. A tad warmer. High: 52°; Low: 34°; POP: NONE

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny skies. High: 47°; Low: 36°; POP: NONE

– WCRD Chief Weather Forecaster, Ethan Rosuck