Upcoming rainy commute

Tonight: Breezy, cooler night with clouds developing overnight. High: 54° ; Low: 41°

Tomorrow: Scattered showers in the morning lasting until the early afternoon, mostly sunny skies after the rain passes. High: 52°; Low: 32°; POP: 65%

Friday: Mostly sunny skies as we kickoff the month of December. High: 49°; Low: 31°

Saturday: Partly cloudy skies and an overall mild day. High: 52°; Low:  33°

Sunday: Slightly clearer skies as compared to Saturday. High: 51°; Low: 39°

Monday: Potential for showers throughout afternoon but more so at night. High: 55°; Low: 41°; POP: 40%

-Weather Forecaster Liz Szewczyk