Above average temps for the next few days, but with rain

Tonight: Showers will begin and continue throughout the evening hours. Low: 50°; POP: 90%

Friday: Partly cloudy skies throughout the day. High: 58°; Low: 43°; POP: 20% late

Saturday: Cloudy skies with chances of rain throughout the afternoon Warm. High: 63°; Low: 58°

Sunday: Cloudy skies throughout the day with rain in the late afternoon and evening hours. Warmer. High: 70°; Low: 40°; POP: 80% Late

Monday: Partly cloudy skies with rain early.  High: 60°; Low: 41°; POP: 50% AM

Tuesday: Partly cloudy skies. Cooler. High: 52°; Low: 37°; POP: 30%

– Chief Weather Forecaster Ethan Rosuck