Rain chances continue and warmer temperatures are on the way.

Tonight: Showers will continue to fall overnight and into the morning. Low: 45°; POP: 100%

Thursday: Morning showers will give way to cloudy skies. Evening thunderstorms are possible. High: 64°; Low: 51; POP: 60%

Friday: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies will persist throughout the afternoon. High: 58°; Low: 44

Saturday: Cloudy skies. Scattered thunderstorms are possible in the late evening hours. High: 61°; Low: 57°; POP: 40%

Sunday: Cloudy skies. Thunderstorms are likely in the evening and overnight hours. High: 71°; Low: 51°; POP: 80% PM

Monday: Partly cloudy skies. High: 57°; Low: 44°

– Weather Forecaster Steven Diana