Sunny friday leads to severe weather weekend

Tonight: Sunny conditions, slight wind chill. High: 55°; Low: 42°; POP: 20%

Saturday: Cloudy skies with chances of rain overnight. High: 62°; Low: 58°

Sunday: Severe weather threat enhanced. Potential for hail, strong wind gusts, and even an isolated tornado. High: 70°; Low: 54°; POP: 80%

Monday: Partly sunny skies with rain chances early.  High: 55°; Low: 42°; POP: 40%

Tuesday: Mostly sunny skies. Cooler. High: 50°; Low: 36°; POP: 20%

Wednesday: Sunny skies and cooler conditions. High: 47°; Low: 34°

-Weather Forecaster Liz Szewczyk