December is here along with much needed winter weather

Tonight: Expect wind gusts ranging from 20-30mph with rain and the potential of for a few scattered thunderstorms due to a cold front moving through our area.  With this cold front, we feel a definite drop in temperature. bringing us to a low overnight in the upper 30’s.

Tuesday: Dry conditions are back with the temperature only reaching up to the low 40’s and partly cloudy skies.Low: 27º

Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy; High: 43°; Low: 21°

Thursday: Partly Cloudy; High: 30°; Low: 19°

Friday: Mostly Sunny; High: 32°; Low: 24°

Saturday: Partly Cloudy with a 40% chance of snow shower in the evening; High: 31°; Low: 18°.

– Weather Forecaster Payton Domschke