BYE BYE Warmth Welcome Back Winter!

Good evening! Rain is moving out of the area to be replaced by cloudy conditions and the cold. Tonight we are looking at a low of 12 with winds coming from the WSW at 15-20mph gusting up to 45mph. Watch out for flash freezing as any water left on untreated roadways could freeze and create dangerous driving conditions.

Tomorrow the cold returns and stays around until next Friday. Temperatures will remain cold until Tuesday where it will get up to 46 but then the next day drop 12 degrees and stay in the 30’s and Low 40’s until next weekend. This weekend snow will be seen on Sunday. Amounts still uncertain so check back later for updates on those totals.

A Wind Advisory is in effect until 7am tomorrow. Expect wind gusts up to and over 45mph. Strong wind gusts could create hazardous driving so use caution when on the roads.




-Weather Forecaster Adam Feick