Cloudy Weekend, Active Weather Next Week

Tonight: Overnight, we expect overcast skies to hang over the area. With temperatures expected in the mid-20s, it will feel cold, so make sure to bundle up.

Tomorrow: For those going to the science fair in Muncie, it will be nicer than it was for the past couple of days. With a high in the low-30s and sunny skies expected for the day, it will be nice enough to enjoy a walk through the area.

7-Day: Sunday’s weather will differ from Saturday, as a system will move through the area, bringing snow showers  through the afternoon and evening hours. Monday and Tuesday will be drier, but with overcast skies and temperatures in the low-30s, expect a couple of dull days. Wednesday will involve another system coming through, bringing the possibility for some snow and rain showers. Finally, Thursday and Friday will see a break from the low temperatures, with highs in the low-40s expected on both days. In short, we will have some active weather over the next few days.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams