Winter weather is not done yet

Tonight: We will be seeing more rain tonight as temperatures continue to stay mild for this time of year. Overnight low will reach about 45 degrees, and hold steady for much of the night. The FLOOD WATCH also continues for much of our viewing area.


5 Day Forecast: Over the next 5 days we will see cooler temperatures return. Tomorrow, our high will reach all the way up to 60 degrees, with high rain chances throughout the day, but the overnight is a different story. Temperatures will quickly drop to an overnight low of 17 degrees, a 40+ degree drop from the daytime. Friday we are looking at a high only barely into the 20s. Overnight Friday, lows will reach all the way down to single digits, with windy conditions, causing even colder wind chills. Then over the remainder of the weekend into next week, the temperatures remain in the 20s and 30s, with a few chances for snow. Be sure to keep the winter weather gear with you, since cold temperatures haven’t left yet!

–WCRD Weather Forecaster Jordan Wolfe