Calm Friday and Saturday, Wild Next Week

Tonight: As you head out this evening, temperatures will be in the low- to mid-50s, with light southwesterly winds. This means that even though skies will be cloudy tonight, it’s still a good enough evening to outside and enjoy the weather.

Tomorrow: We expect a high in the mid-60s, and with partly sunny skies and light westerly winds of 5-10 mph, Saturday will feel much nicer than today. Enjoy it, because this will be the calm before the storm.

7-Day:  Sunday will involve a low pressure system moving into the area, bringing rain and even chances for thunderstorms into the area. Those rain chances continue into Monday morning, all the while bringing highs in the mid-60s. Tuesday will involve partly sunny skies and a high of 70, with a low of 52. Wednesday will bring back more rain showers, and Thursday and Friday will involve cooler temperatures in the low-50s. In short, this week is very much erratic, with a few nice days and a few gloomy days.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams