Calm Weekend, Windy Sunday, Weird Next Week

Tonight: As a cold front continues to move east of our viewing area, temperatures will continue to drop, with our low reaching 47. Coupled with SW winds coming in at 10-15 mph, it will be a cool night.

Tomorrow: Expect a high in the upper-50s, with partly clear skies in the area. With light winds of 5-10 mph, conditions will feel similar to today. Enjoy tomorrow while possible, because it will be the calm before the storm.

Sunday: Most of our viewing area is under a marginal to slight risk for severe weather, which means that while not likely, severe weather can take place on Sunday. Damaging winds are possible. Even if severe weather does not take place, rain will definitely fall on Sunday. Make sure to drive safely if doing so, and hunker down any loose objects.

7-Day:  The rest of the week will be cool to average for this time of year, with Monday having a high of 51. Tuesday will involve partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid-60s. Wednesday and Thursday will the possibility of rain coming into the viewing area. Finally, on Friday, we’ll be back to the 50s again. In short, this week will be variable, with rain happening in the middle of the week.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams