Cool, Cloudy Monday and Nice Week Ahead

Tonight: With a low in the low-30s and light southerly winds blowing through, expect wind chills in the mid-20s and a good reason to keep jackets and blankets on your person. Clouds will build up, resulting in partly cloudy skies.

Tomorrow: While clouds will hang over the viewing area for much of the day, we expect highs in the upper-40s, meaning a nice, calm day. Enjoy the weather while possible.

7-Day: Wednesday will involve highs in the mid-50s, warmer than Tuesday. Thursday will involve a system bringing rain showers into the viewing area, with these showers lasting until Thursday evening and possibly Friday morning. Cloudy skies and highs in the upper-50s will dominate for Friday, and Saturday might involve a clearing in skies, with a high of 65. Sunday and Monday will bring highs in the 60s. In summary, aside from Thursday and Friday, expect nice conditions throughout the week.