Mid-70s highs Thursday, Warm and Cloudy Weekend

Tonight: Isolated showers are possible, but most of them will be gone by 9 pm. Otherwise, expect partly cloudy skies and temperatures dropping to the low-60s during the overnight hours. Make sure to bundle up.

Tomorrow: It will be similar to today, with highs will be in the mid-70s and partly clear skies. With no rain expected tomorrow, make sure to enjoy the fall-like weather.

7-Day: After Thursday, we’ll begin seeing highs jumping back to the low-80s over the weekend. Rain showers are possible over the weekend, particularly on Sunday, but otherwise, expect warm, mostly sunny conditions. After the weekend, however, temperatures will jump up again, to the upper-80s, making it feel like summer. Make sure to stay cool and hydrated over the next few days.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams