Warm Weather Continues

  • Tonight: It’s currently about 76 degrees outside, with a slight breeze outside as winds are coming out of the NW at 10mph. As we head into this evening winds will continue to come out of the NW and the temperature will drop to around 53 degrees
  • Tomorrow: There is a 10 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. Wind gusts can reach speeds as a high as 26 miles per hour, so it may be slightly breezy tomorrow. With that, temperatures will reach the mid 80’s with the high for the day being 84. Heading into tomorrow evening. Temperatures will drop into the high 60’s with the low being 69, and the chance for showers and thunderstorms increases to approximately 20 percent.
  • Saturday: We will see the 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms continue going into Saturday. With a high of 85, and a for the day low of around 66 degrees.
  • Sunday: There is expected to be partly sunny skies, with a high near 87, and a low around 69 degrees.
  • Monday: Partly sunny skies, and warm temperatures will continue as the high for the day is 89, and the low is around 71 degrees.
  • Tuesday: The trend of partly sunny skies and warm temperatures will remain going into Tuesday, as the high is projected to be 89, and the low will be about 71 degrees.
  • Wednesday: Unfortunately we will see the trend of mostly sunny and dry conditions, start to fade going into Wednesday, as there is a 20 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. Despite the chance for some showers and thunderstorms, temperatures will remain in the mid 80’s with the high fore the day being 86 degrees.
_ Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor