Cold Halloween With Snow Showers, Nicer Next Week

Tonight: It’s going to be cool and rainy tonight, as the low-pressure system continues moving towards Indiana and Ohio. Scattered showers will likely stick around until 11 pm, before leaving us with cloudy skies. Lows will be in the upper-40s, but fortunately winds will be light enough to only make tonight feel slightly cool. Make sure to keep a light jacket and some rain gear with you tonight.

Tomorrow: The first snow of the season will mostly come during Halloween evening, after experiencing rain showers for the whole day. Snow showers will likely come after 5 pm, and combined with temperatures dropping to a low of 28, it will be a cold night out. To make matters worse, gusts above 30 mph will make tomorrow’s lows feel like they’re below 25, so make sure that you’re bundled up during this time.

Additionally, because tomorrow’s lows will be below freezing and because of the wind chills, Wayne County has a Freeze Watch that will last from tomorrow night to Friday morning, where cold temperatures could damage plants and even pipes. And while no other county in our viewing area is under a Freeze Watch, the cold temperatures will mean that you’ll want to stay safe when heading out tomorrow night and Friday morning.

In summary, stay warm and stay safe this Halloween.

7-Day: After experiencing a snowy and cold Halloween Thursday, Friday will be a better change in pace, with mostly sunny skies, although we do expect temperatures to be similar to tomorrow. Thereafter, Saturday and Sunday will experience highs in the mid-40s, lows in the upper-28s and mostly sunny skies. Then, next week, we’ll start with highs in the low-50s (with some showers on Tuesday), before dipping back to the 40s on Wednesday. In summary, after Thursday, expect cool temperatures but nice, sunny skies.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams