Cold Weather Arrives

***A wind advisory is in affect for much of the northeast central Indiana region from 3pm to Midnight, and Wayne County will be under a freeze warning from 11pm to 11am tomorrow morning.

Tonight – It’s currently about 37 degrees outside. Skies are overcast, and it’s pretty breezy out as winds are coming out of the west at 23 mph with gusts as high as 38 mph. Rain and snow will continue going into this evening as the chance for precipitation is 60 percent. Temperatures will drop to below freezing, with the low for the evening being 26 degrees.    

Tomorrow – The snow will dissipate, and the sun will be shinning. The high for tomorrow is expected to be around 45 and the low for the day will be around 31.

7 – Day Forecast – Saturday, skies will be mostly cloudy. It will be pretty windy out as well, so be sure to bundle up if you’re headed out on Saturday as wind gusts could reach speeds of as high as 21 mph. The high for the day is set at 44 and the low at 29 degrees. Sunday Skies will be sunny, and temperatures will be in the upper 40’s with the high for the day being 48 degrees. Throughout the day, temperatures will drop to the mid 30’s with the low for Sunday being 35. Monday, the high will be 55 degrees. Monday evening, skies will be mostly cloudy, temperatures will drop to about 42 degrees, there is a 20% chance for showers. Tuesday, the chance for showers jumps to 30 percent, and the high will be about 54 degrees. Tuesday evening, the chance for showers remains and temperatures will drop to around 35 degrees. Wednesday, the sun will be back out and temperatures will be in the high 40’s with the high for the day being 49.

Weather Forecaster
Morgan Taylor