Perfect homecoming weather

Happy homecoming Friday, Cardinals! This homecoming weekend is looking pretty fantastic, with high temperatures reaching into the 70s tomorrow. But before we get there, we have to get through the cool hours of the overnight. Tonight we will be reaching a low of 43° with clear skies continuing. Luckily for Muncie area, we don’t seem to be in the risk for frost like we had last night, since it won’t be getting quite as cool this overnight.

Overnight Forecast for Muncie, Indiana – 10/18/19

Over the rest of this week, I am anticipating fall-like weather to continue. This weekend, the fantastic conditions continue with sunny skies and temperatures reaching into the 70s for the high. On Monday, rain chances return with chances of storms mainly in the afternoon. There is a possibility for some severe weather on Monday, largely in the afternoon, so be sure to keep your eye on that as we move through the rest of this weekend. After those showers roll through Monday, the temperatures drop back down a bit, and level out for the remainder of next week, and rain chances returning again on Friday.

7 Day Forecast for Muncie, Indiana

Overall, wonderful fall weather continuing through the homecoming weekend and into next week, so enjoy it!

–WCRD Weather Forecaster Jordan Wolfe