Showers and Thunderstorms On the Way

  • Tonight – It’s currently about 80 degrees outside, winds coming out of the SW at 6 mph. It may feel bit on cooler end, as the dew point is 53 degrees causing it to feel slightly chilly outside. As we head into this evening temperatures will drop to the low 60’s. Be on the lookout for showers and thunderstorms this evening because there is a 20 percent chance that these will occur.
  • Tomorrow – Make sure those umbrellas and rain boots are handy as there is a 90 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. Winds could reach speeds between 10 and 15mph, which may make for a pretty chilly commute. The high for the day is set to be approximately 73 degrees. Friday evening the chance for showers and thunderstorms remains. Due to the amounts of rain and thunderstorms, cooler drafts will roll in causing temperatures to drop to the high 30’s, making the low for the evening 38 degrees.
  • 7 -Day Forecast – Saturday, the chance for rain continues, but the likelihood is slim as the chance for precipitation is 10 percent. Temperatures will stay in the 50’s as the high for the day is 54 degrees. Wind gusts are projected to reach speeds of as high as 22mph bring in some colder air, causing it to be breezy for Saturday’s football game. With that, the low for the day will be about 41 degrees. Sunday conditions will begin to dry up. Sunny skies are in store and temperatures will be in the mid 60’s. Monday, Columbus Day, there is small chance that the rain will roll back in as the chance for precipitation is 20 percent. Temperatures will stay in 60’s. With that, Monday evening skies will be mostly cloudy, and temperatures will drop to the upper 40’s. Tuesday, rain chances continue as there is a 40 percent chance for rain. Temperatures will continue to remain the 60’s as the high for Tuesday will be around 67 degrees. Tuesday night, clouds will roll in causing mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures will drop to about 46 degrees. Lastly, on Wednesday and Thursday of next week, weather conditions will finally clear up, bringing out some sunshine, with partly sunny skies, and temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s.
– Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor