Wild Crazy Radio Dude

Let’s Meet the Wild Crazy Radio Dude!

WCRD Dude dance white backgroundNo one knows where the Wild Crazy Radio Dude came from, what his past is, or why he doesn’t wear lenses in his sunglasses…but what is clear is that the Wild Crazy Radio Dude loves WCRD, college radio, college life, and has moves like Jagger!…oh ya, and always takes his boom-box with him wherever he goes!

Come out to a WCRD event to meet this Crazy Radio Dude! You’ll be met with a smile and a laugh, that’s a promise!

When he’s not at WCRD events shaking his tail-feather or out with WCRD listeners, you can find him hanging around the studio… playing pranks on all WCRD Staff.

Check out his debut video by clicking here! And get ready to see the Wild Crazy Radio Dude in upcoming WCRD productions! Check out his YouTube page by clicking here! Or why not send him some fan mail at wildcrazyradiodude@wcrd.net. He might not be able to talk, but he loves emails and Facebook!