Hanna Miller – Fridays @1:00PM
Hanna Miller’s show focuses on the top Alternative songs on the charts. As an added bonus, Hanna leads a segment on her show called Fun Fact Friday, which is full of exciting information.

Jacob Hale – Wednesdays, @7:00PM
Jacob Hale’s show is dedicated to all kinds of music and his thoughts about each song. Beyond that, Jacob Hale also hosts a segment that discusses the news in an unbiased fashion.

Sam Robinson – Wednesdays, @2:00PM
Sam Robinson’s show is all about classic rock. Feel free to tune in to hear a number of cornerstones of classic rock, and to learn a bit about the history behind them.

Save to Quit – Fridays, @8:00PM
Save to Quit, hosted by Blake Chapman and Tanner Kinney, is your home for all things related to video games and pop culture. Each show focuses on a different video game or aspect of popular culture, where Blake and Tanner do a deep dive into the details, never without witty banter between the two hosts.

Skylar Dungy – Thursdays, @Noon
Skylar Dungy’s show plays Indie and Alternative music. During this show, you’ll not only get to hear some underground greats, but you’ll get to hear background about the artists, as well as what Skylar has been listening to recently.

The Ball Boys – Mondays, @3:00PM
The Ball Boys, hosted by Caleb Zuver and Aleksa Matijevich, features discussion of athletics of all levels. Throughout the show, you’ll hear the latest and greatest about the NBA and NFL, as well as Ball State and community sports.

The Chlo Show – Thursdays, @8:00PM
The Chlo Show, hosted by Chloe Elkins, is centered on stories. Chloe adventures through a number of different stories with unique aspects, generating engaging discussion with each show.


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