Unseasonably warm start to December ahead

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy skies. Low: 41° Thursday: Partly cloudy then afternoon sunshine. Clear skies overnight. High: 53°; Low: 31°; POP: 20%. Friday: Mostly sunny skies. High: 49°; Low: 33°; POP: 10% Saturday: Partly cloudy conditions. High: 53°; Low: 33° Sunday: Mostly sunny. High: 55°; Low: 42° —WCRD Weather Forecaster Payton Domschke

Cooler temperatures to come

Today: Mostly sunny skies. High: 51°; POP: 10% Tonight: Clear skies. Low: 32º; POP: 10% Thursday: Partly cloudy skies throughout the day, dropping below freezing into the evening hours. High: 53°; Low: 24°; POP: 10% Friday: Sunny skies. High: 35°; Low: 24° Saturday: Mostly cloudy skies and a little breezy. High: 41°; Low: 34°. Sunday: Rain showers in the morning.  High: 46°; Low: 36°; POP: 80%. Monday: Partly cloudy skies. Cooler. High: 47°; Low: 37°; POP: 20% – Weather Forecaster Payton Domschke

Rain chances continue

TONIGHT: Scattered showers early. Temperatures dipping into the mid to low 30s. Winds west at 10-20mph. TUESDAY (HALLOWEEN): Mostly sunny skies, high around 44° and a low of 35°. Pretty breezy day with winds west at 10-20mph. WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy skies and overall dry conditions, high of 50° with a low of 46°. 70% chance of showers Read More …

Cooler temperatures are here to stay

TODAY: Mostly cloudy skies with a chance of a scattered drizzle – potential for the first frost this evening. High: 53°; Low: 34°; POP: 20% THURSDAY: Mostly sunny skies. High: 59°; Low: 48°; POP: 10% FRIDAY: Cloudy skies with chances of rain greatest later in the day. High: 62°; Low: 39°; POP: 70% SATURDAY: Rain showers early with cloudy skies later in the day. Nice. High: 45°; Low: 36°; POP: 60% SUNDAY: Partly cloudy skies with the potential of a rain Read More …

Fall weather is finally here just in time for Homecoming Week

TONIGHT: Mostly Clear Skies. Low: 43°; POP: 10% TUESDAY: Sunny skies. High: 67°; Low: 44°; POP: 10% WEDNESDAY: Sunny skies. High: 69°; Low: 50°; POP: 10% THURSDAY: Sunny skies. Nice. High: 73°; Low: 49°; POP: 10% FRIDAY: Sunny skies. High: 76°; Low: 55°; POP: 10% SATURDAY: Partly cloudy skies. High: 75°; Low: 56°; POP: 10%   – WCRD Weather Forecaster, Payton Domschke