Contest Rules

WCRD/Village Green Contest
Show: The B-Side (sponsored by Village Green Records)
Hosts: Michael Dorsey and Devon Roddel
Contest: Every other week, WCRD will announce an album-related trivia question over the air. The first caller to answer the question correctly – by calling the WCRD studio phone will be awarded the record.

• In order to win, you must be the first person to call in – when prompted — over the WCRD studio phone line (765-285-WCRD) with the correct answer to the trivia question.
• We will announce the WCRD studio number over the air multiple times before the actual giveaway.
• The trivia question will be taken directly from our discussions taking place on that week’s show.
• WCRD staff members are not allowed to win prizes of any kind.
• Contestants in this contest may participate until they have won three times during the semester.
• Contestants may not call in to answer the question until after WCRD announces on-air “You are now able to call our station studio number” (or a similar announcement indicating very clearly that the contest line is open.
• As displayed on our caller-ID system as the first caller, that contestant receive the first opportunity to answer. The other callers will wait; if the first caller answers correctly, then the other subsequent callers will be informed and told to try again next time. If the first caller either answers incorrectly or cannot win for other reasons noted above or below, then the next caller in line will receive the next opportunity to answer the question.
• Once a contestant has answered correctly, the winner’s name will be announced over the air. The winner then will receive information regarding pick up of the album to be awarded that contestant. The winner must provide a government-issued (including a university-issued) photo ID with their name on it in order to pick-up the prize. If there no callers and the album is not given away, that week’s album will be given away alongside the following week’s album using the “double album” clause as specified below:

• If the first caller does answer the trivia question right, but does not pick up the record from the pick-up location within three days, that person forfeits that album, which will be awarded in the following week’s contest.
• In the case of a show with two albums to be awarded instead of just one, all of the above rules for selection of a winner apply with the following exceptions:
• A single caller cannot win both albums that day. If you call in and attempt to claim another album after winning the first, you will be informed of this clause in the official rules and the next subsequent caller will then receive the opportunity to answer another trivia question for that week.
• If a winner cannot make it to the pick-up location within the allotted days, they will forfeit their opportunity to claim their prize.

Muncie Civic Theatre Ticket Contest
Show: The Morning Chirp
Hosts: Emily Donald and Bre Marchetti
Contest: Muncie Civic Theatre is providing WCRD with six tickets for several of MCT’s “main stage” productions. We receive these tickets at least a week before the run of the show begins. The Morning Chirp/MCT Contest will take place during the Morning Chirp show from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. during the week prior to the performance

• One day of each week of the Morning Chirp/MCT contest the six tickets will be awarded. Winners will receive two tickets to the performance.
• Members of WCRD are not allowed to win tickets.
• One caller cannot ever win more than one pair of tickets per MCT performance. In order to win a pair of tickets, a contestant must be the first person to call in to the studio phone line (765-285-____) after the start of the Morning Chirp. The hosts will periodically give out the studio phone number during the show’s two hour run-time.
• The contestant is displayed on our caller-ID as the first caller will receive a pair of tickets. The second and third callers also will each receive a pair of tickets. In the event there are no second or third callers at that time, WCRD will open the studio phone line later that day or on another day in the week prior to that particular MCT main stage performance. In order to pick up your ticket, you must bring a government-issued photo ID (which may be a Ball State student ID) that includes the name that you used to claim the ticket over the phone.
• Winners must pick up their tickets within 24 hours of their selection. The Programming Director of WCRD will arrange a pickup time location with the winners. If a winner fails to pick up their tickets within 24 hours of the win, these tickets will be forfeited and awarded to another listener.