Upcoming on-and-off-again rain chances

TONIGHT: Clear skies until midnight when cloud coverage will begin to develop. Low: 36° WEDNESDAY: Showers likely most of the day beginning in the early afternoon and continuing until early evening. High: 48° ; Low: 33° ; POP: 85% THURSDAY: Cooler conditions for BSU football’s game-day. High: 43° ; Low: 31° FRIDAY: Rain chances coming back with a potential for strong storms, warmer. High: 51° ; Low: 47° ; POP: 70% Read More …

Jackets needed for cooler conditions

Tonight: Clear skies, cool night. Low: 31 Tomorrow: Mostly sunny skies. High: 52; Low: 23 Friday: Mostly sunny skies, cooler conditions. High: 35; Low: 23 Saturday: Cloudy conditions, mostly cloudy skies. High: 40; Low: 33 Sunday: Cloudy conditions as well leading into possible rain shower chances. High: 45; Low: 36; P.O.P: 65% Monday: Partly cloudy skies. High: 48; Low: 36 – Weather Forecaster Liz Szewczyk