We have an excellent, award-winning management team here at WCRD. This page has the pictures and biographies of current department directors, the Asst. General Manager, and our General Manager. If you have any need to contact them, please feel free to do so via the email in their bios. 

Adam Grimes, General Manager

Devon Roddel, Assistant General Manager / Head of Broadcast

Evan Gustin, Sales Director

Emily Donald, Programming Director

Madison Holthouse, Asst. Programming Director

Chris Zurisk, Charting Manager

Aaron Davis, Production Director

Hannah Robirds, Asst. Production Director

TBA, Technical Operations Director

Michael Dorsey, Music Director

Cadie Hornbeck, Asst. Music Director

Emerson Lehmann, News Director

Angelo Auriemma, Asst. News Director

John Gordon, Sports Director

Zach Keilman, Asst. Sports Director

Ethan Rosuck, Chief Weather Forecaster

Liz Szewczyk, Asst. Chief Weather Forecaster

Natalie Thompson, Social Media Director

Alanna Friker, Asst. Social Media Director