Snow for Tonight, Rain Tomorrow, Cold Next Week

Snow for Tonight, Rain Tomorrow, Cold Next Week post thumbnail image

Tonight: Much of the state of Indiana is under a Winter Weather Advisory, starting at 7 pm tonight and ending at 7 am tomorrow. This comes as a low-pressure system moves towards the Great Lakes tonight, bringing temperatures cool enough for snow to form. Between a quarter- to half-inch of snow will likely fall tonight. We could also see some freezing rain, particularly during the early morning hours. After that, a boost of warm air from the south will result in a small increase in temperatures, and rain coming in during the early morning hours. The same system will also produce gusts exceeding 20 mph.

Combined with lows below 30, all of this will mean that for tonight, expect slippery roads and bitter wind chills below 20. Make sure to wear several layers and drive safely as you head out tonight.

Tomorrow: As tomorrow morning approaches, the system will transition to rain. That rain will stick around all morning and afternoon, so combined with the snow and ice, expect a nasty morning commute. The rain will leave in the late-afternoon, but until that time, make sure to be careful when driving.

7-Day: After the system leaves, a blast of cold air from the north will stick around for Sunday and Monday, leaving highs below 25. Wind chills will likely be below 20 degrees for several days straight, and no signs of above-freezing temps will come until Wednesday, so definitely make sure to keep a few layers on your person as you travel next week.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams


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