Cold Temperatures and Rain/Snow Chances

Cold Temperatures and Rain/Snow Chances post thumbnail image
  • Tonight – It’s currently about 59 degrees outside with calm winds coming out of the south. As we head into the evening hours, clouds will roll in causing overcast skies. Also, temperatures will drop into the mid 40’s, and there is a 60% chance of rain this evening.
  • Tomorrow – The rain will continue into tomorrow resulting in a 90% of precipitation. Over the next 24 hours, a cold front will roll through causing temperatures to drop into the 30’s and could be as low as 211 degrees. Wind gusts could reach speeds as fast as 21 mph causing the wind chill to make temperatures feel even colder. This drastic drop in temperatures will turn the rain into freezing rain and possibly snow.
  • 7-Day Forecast – The chance for snow will remain throughout the rest of the week. With that, Wednesday temperatures will be as high as 33 and as a low as 28. There is also a 60% chance for snow on Wednesday as well. Thursday, there is not only a chance for snow, but also freezing rain. This chance is about 30%. On top of the high chance for precipitation, temperatures will hover just above freezing with the high for the day being 33 degrees. By the evening hours, temperatures will drop to below freezing. Friday, the chance for snow drops to 30%, and temperatures will stay between 25 and 33 degrees. Then, by the weekend, the snow and rain should end leaving mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s.
– Chief Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor



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