Cold Temperatures Tomorrow, Rain Next Week

Cold Temperatures Tomorrow, Rain Next Week post thumbnail image

Tonight: It will be cold out this evening, as northerly winds bring cool air from Canada to Indiana. Right now, we’re on break from snow flurries, but the cold temperatures and breezy northerly winds means wind chills will feel like the mid-teens. The cold temperatures also mean that ice will form, so make sure to be weary of ice patches if heading out and to be careful where you walk.

Tomorrow: Snow showers will continue to fall Friday morning, but by the afternoon, they will be gone. However, temperatures will stay below freezing, so make sure to keep a heavy jacket near you and to be careful of ice patches that will likely stick around.

7-Day: Between Friday and Saturday afternoon, we’ll see a break in the snow showers, but by Saturday afternoon, some snow flurries will come back. Otherwise, just expect cloudy skies over the weekend. Sunday and Monday will see a low-pressure system bring rain into the state, before we get a break from rain and snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. On the bright side, we’ll see a slight warm-up into the low-40s next week.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams


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