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Last week myself, and fellow WCRD member Jacob Kemiel got an opportunity to interview Norwegian DJ Matoma, and see him perform with Two Friends in Indianapolis. Though the traffic from Muncie to Indianapolis sucked part of my soul out the experience was amazing. The concert took place at the Old National Centre, which was an interesting choice. You would think the rustic vibe of the venue, and the upbeat party music would clash, but by setting up in the basement opposed to the upper part of the venue, they were able to create a dark club like atmosphere.

After our haul from Muncie to Indy we met up with Jackson Ammons and Lindsay Clore from In2une to get our tickets, and press passes. Somewhere along the lines there was a mix up and we only received GA tickets, and security wouldn’t let me bring my camera bag into the concert so I had to leave it at coat check. I felt pretty defeated, unsure of how I was going to conduct an interview without my equipment, but all was well. We headed downstairs on what had to be the grandest staircase I had ever seen. Multicolored strobe lights filled the basement and loud party music delivered by Two Friends rang throughout. 

We stood outside the large mob of fans listening to the music, and waiting for Matomas tour manager Nic to take us backstage for the interview. 

Next we made our way through backstage, parking ship in a green room. The four of us waited not even two minutes for Matoma. He was much taller than I expected and welcomed us with open arms offering beer and white claws. We all declined, but thanked him for his hospitality. I told him that security wouldn’t let me take my camera in, he was shocked and immediately asked Nic to go upstairs and get my camera bag saying “not cool.” 

They returned with my equipment and I had Jacob fire up the camera so we could begin. Jackson started off by asking a couple questions about his music, and how he became interested in being a DJ. He told us about an experience he had going to see the Chainsmokers, and how it really sparked his interest in electronic music. I then asked him why he makes the music that he does. He quickly responded by saying “you” and then delivered a spiel about his fans and that he couldn’t be doing what he does without them.

He also shared a bit about his detachment from the rap scene, and how he can not relate to the self centered personas that run that genre of music. For Matoma music is more about positivity and the mark you leave on the world. He believes that music should not present yourself in a false light, and that everything should be out in the open.

After our interview we caught the very end of Two Friends set, they left the crowd very hyped, and excited for Matoma. Beams of light shot out from the stage, and the crowd was enthralled when Matoma came out for his set. He began to play through his EDM set and the floor shook from the heavy base, and jumping fans. Throughout the entire performance fans were ecstatic, but it was hard not to be from the fun nature of Matoma’s music and the positive energy he exudes. If you enjoy EDM and upbeat experiences Matoma is definitely the way to go!

The Camp Tour is still going and I highly suggest grabbing your tickets before they sell out.

To watch the full interview be sure to check out my YouTube channel @ Hannah McIlree.


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