Cool But Nice Weekend, Rain Showers Next Week

Cool But Nice Weekend, Rain Showers Next Week post thumbnail image

Tonight: We don’t expect any more rain tonight, but it’s going to be a cold evening ahead. As the cold front moves out of Indiana, cold air from the northwest will continue moving into Indiana, causing temperatures to cool down dramatically. By 3 am, we’ll be at our low of 28, with northerly winds of 10-15 mph giving wind chills in the low-20s. Make sure to wear a heavy jacket for tonight.

Tomorrow: It will be a beautiful day tomorrow, as stable conditions move over Indiana tomorrow. Expect partly sunny skies and a high of 39, so just worry about wearing a light jacket and enjoying the sunshine if you’re heading out tomorrow.

7-Day: After Saturday, expect mostly cloudy conditions with scattered showers likely throughout next week, as multiple rain systems move through the Great Lakes region. After Sunday, highs will jump up to the low-50s to mid-50s, with a high of 65 expected for Thursday. However, Sunday night will involve a rain system moving through during the evening hours, so keep a rain jacket for Sunday night. We’ll take a small break with rain on Monday, before seeing more scattered showers throughout the week. Make sure to keep a rain jacket with you for next week.

Severe Weather Preparedness Week Topic 5: Weather-Ready Nation and Wrap-Up

Because severe weather is such a dangerous threat to Indiana, whenever it happens, we need to be prepared for it. Therefore, the National Weather Service wants to make sure that everyone is aware of how it works, via Weather Ready Nation.

Essentially, the NWS trains officials, businesses, and the public in weather hazard awareness. It establishes StormReady partnerships, where it works with governments, businesses, academia, and others to develop multiple ways to handle weather hazards. Groups that try to spread the word on hazard safety are known as Weather Ready Nation (WRN) Ambassadors, and the end goal for the governments, businesses, academia, non-profits and others associated with this program is to make weather-resilient communities.

As Severe Weather Preparedness Week 2020 comes to a close, we’ll sum it all up by saying this:

Since severe weather events are so dangerous and so important to be prepared for, everyone has a responsibility to be prepared. The NWS and media make sure that watches and warnings (made by the NWS) are broadcast as needed, with the media reporting damage and recovery efforts, as well as provide safety tips, training, and materials needed for weather safety.

Local officials, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the American Red Cross all collaborate any response and recovery plans for disasters, promote disaster plans and supply kits for disasters, and work with important parts of a community (like our leaders, schools, and hospitals) to prepare for disasters.

The most important part of weather preparedness, however, is you. The best way to be Weather Ready is to have a supply kit and plan in place so you and your family (including your pets) can respond quickly and safely to a natural hazard, as well as listen to authorities and continue learning and staying aware of any type of hazard. For more information, check this out: .

Remember, we’re all in this together. If we all do even a small amount of planning and teamwork, then when the next tornado outbreak or severe weather event comes, we’ll make it through and come back stronger than ever.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams


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