Storms for Tonight, Calm Friday, and Rain Next Week

Storms for Tonight, Calm Friday, and Rain Next Week post thumbnail image

Tonight: Temperatures are expected to stay in the low-50s until around 2 am, when a cold front will move through and cause temperatures to drop to a low of 40. However, those warm temperatures do not come without a price. The low-pressure system that’s bringing us these nice conditions will also bring lots of rain showers, and even the potential for some thunderstorms. Some of these thunderstorms (which will likely come between 7 to 10 pm) could bring heavy gusts, above 30 miles per hour, and heavy rain, which could make driving hazardous, so make sure to stay safe as you travel tonight.

Tomorrow: The cold front that is associated with tonight’s system will pass through during the overnight hours, leading to temperatures in the low 40s for Friday morning and afternoon. In return, however, expect mostly sunny skies, so make sure to stay safe and enjoy your Friday.

7-Day: That sunshine will be temporary, however, as a blast of snow will come in for Saturday, bringing at least two inches of snowfall all throughout the day. Make sure to drive carefully for that day. Thereafter, expect another calm day for Sunday, with partly sunny skies and highs in the low-40s. Finally, Monday and Tuesday will involve highs in the low-50s, with scattered showers possible, before we see highs in the upper-50s for Wednesday and Thursday, along with more rain for those days as well. In other words, after dealing with snowfall for Saturday, make sure to keep an umbrella with you for next week.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams


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