Cold Friday Night, Warm Weekend, Rain on Sunday

Cold Friday Night, Warm Weekend, Rain on Sunday post thumbnail image

Tonight: It’s going to be a cold evening tonight, as cool air from the north continues spilling over into Indiana. A frost advisory will be in place for Delaware, Henry, Madison, and Randolph counties from 2 to 9 am tomorrow, as temperatures drop into the low-30s. Make sure any plants you have are protected, and that you have a means of keeping warm tonight.

Tomorrow: It will be beautiful tomorrow, with highs in the upper-50s to low-60s. Expect partly sunny skies and nice conditions for tomorrow. Definitely find time to go outside tomorrow.

7-Day: Sunday will be another big day in terms of weather. It won’t be as bad as Wednesday, but we’ll definitely see rain showers moving in during the evening hours, and even a thunderstorm or two. Definitely keep an umbrella with you for Sunday, and take it slow when driving on the roads on Sunday.

After Sunday, next week, we’ll see highs in the upper-40s to low-50s, with partly sunny skies for Monday and Tuesday, along with some scattered showers on Wednesday and Friday. In short, expect some nice conditions for the first days of next week, but also keep an umbrella with you for Wednesday and Friday.

-Weather Forecaster Chris Guevara


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