Rain Tonight, Thunderstorms Tomorrow, Cool Week Ahead

Rain Tonight, Thunderstorms Tomorrow, Cool Week Ahead post thumbnail image

Tonight: Tonight will be pretty eventful, as thunderstorms and rain showers could start rolling through Muncie after 2 am, potentially bringing gusty conditions into the city tonight. This comes as a warm front pushes to the north of us, providing energy for these showers and thunderstorms. Make sure to stay safe if you’re traveling out tonight.

Tomorrow: It’s going to be a very warm day tomorrow, with highs in the mid-70s. It will feel very warm outside. This comes as a warm front pushes though Indiana.

Most of Indiana, along with Ohio, Kentucky and parts of the East Coast are under a slight risk for severe weather, as we could see dangerous thunderstorm conditions forming tomorrow. Source: Storm Prediction Center.

However, the low-pressure system that pushes the warm front through Indiana will also kick up thunderstorms, some of which could produce damaging winds, lightning, heavy rain and even a hail threat. Thunderstorms might first happen before noon, then we might see more thunderstorms after 6 pm. Make sure to tighten down loose objects to prevent flying debris, drive carefully on roads, and keep a NOAA weather radio or charged phone near you for more updates. We’ll keep you updated on this potential severe weather threat.

7-day: After Tuesday, Wednesday will involve more warm temperatures and evening showers before the day ends. After that, Thursday through Saturday will involve cooler temperatures and partly cloudy skies, with highs in the low-50s likely. Barring rain on Sunday, most of the week will be relatively dry. Make sure to enjoy the nice weather after Wednesday.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams


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