Freeze Warning

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Tonight- Hopefully those outside plants and gardens are covered because later tonight frost will start to form. Tonight we will see sub-freezing temperatures that could potentially drop into the upper 20s. As the night continues, we will see some lingering clouds with dry conditions.

Tomorrow- Looking at tomorrow, those cooler temperatures stay. We will see plenty of sunshine with a high reaching 56 degrees. It will also be a windy day with gusts reaching up to 21 mph. As we work our way into the later hours, we will see lows similar to today dropping to 33 degrees. Tomorrow night skies will be mostly clear with some minimal cloud coverage.

7 Day Forecast- As we look at the forecast for the upcoming week, temperatures will slowly start to warm up after the weekend. We will see some chances for rain as we start the work week on Monday.

-Weather Forecaster Rachel Stinger


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