Seasonable temperatures ahead

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Good news for all you Pumpkin Spice lovers! Cooler and more fall-like temperatures are in store for later this week, as a cold front moved through, bringing the rain showers occurring tonight. Rain will have mostly moved out by 9pm, but we could see a few still lingering. Clouds will then decrease very quickly after 10pm, becoming almost clear by 2am.

After tonight, we have a few more days of 70 degree weather, before we dive into fall (hopefully for real this time!) Some mornings over the next week could be below freezing by the time you get up for your morning commute. As you can see on the CPC Temperature Outlook below, over the next 6-10 days, we can expect to have a few days that are below average, or at least most of the days will be near average. Make sure to have the extra layers out and ready for this week!

6-10 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

–WCRD Forecaster Jordan Wolfe


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