Warmer Temperatures Ahead

Warmer Temperatures Ahead post thumbnail image

Tonight: Temperatures will drop mid 50s with those winds still staying on the breezy side. It will make for clear skies and cool conditions so making for a great time to do some star gazing. Just make sure to bring that sweatshirt or jacket.

Tomorrow: It will start to become a warm one out with those temperatures rising into the lower 80s and high pressure continues to stay south of us. Just like on Tuesday, winds will remain breezy; gusting up to 25 mph. Sunny skies will continue throughout the day and winds calming down tomorrow night.

7-Day: We are going on a wave like pattern with the temperatures will Wednesday reaching up to 81 before dropping on Thursday. Temperatures will slowly start to progress its way back up to the 80s. Sunny conditions for most of the week and leading into next week with some partly sunny days.


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