Temperatures Dropping?

Current: It is currently 49 degrees outside and we are experiencing fair skies. The wind is going Northwest at 13 mph with a gust of 22 mph. The high for today is 48 with the low being a chill 28 degrees. By nightfall expect it to be clear skies, with calm winds but with cool temperatures.

Tomorrow : For Saturday morning it will be clear skies for the beginning of the day, then in the late afternoon there is a 20 percent chance of showers. The high for the day will be 54 with the low being 48 degrees. There will be South southeast winds at around 6 to 13 mph and a gust nearing as high as 20 mph. By nightfall it is a thunderstorm expected with 80 percent chance of precipitation. Expect it to be super windy with the winds going at around 14 to 21 mph  with a gust as high as 32 mph. Please be safe on your commute if heading out.

Seven Day: For concluding this week it will be a mixture of sun, rain and wind. For Saturday and Sunday there are strong breezes expected. Winds are expected to blow at 14 to 22 mph between the two days. There is a gust expected to reach as high as 32 mph. There is also a chance of showers and a possibility of a thunderstorm to hit. The temperature for this weekend are going to be in the mid 50’s for the high and in between the 30 to 40 degree range for the low. As we head into next week it seems as the sun will be sticking around far as it shinning. For the temperatures we are looking at being in the 50 degree range for high and for the lows it is appearing to fluctuate. Please be safe and enjoy you week!

–Weather Forecaster: Ky’Lie Garland-Yates


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