A Cold Start to April

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Tonight: Temperatures will start to cool as we move into the evening hours. Temperatures will get down into the upper 20s. Skies will remain cloudy into the night. Winds will calm down and stay out of the North West at around 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow: Temperatures will not get much warmer tomorrow. They will actually be much cooler. Highs will only reach the upper 30s. Skies will be sunny and winds will be breezy. Winds will stay out of the North Northwest at 15-20 mph. Gusts of 30 mph are possible. Lows will even get into the teens, so make sure to have a coat handy! If you have any type of plant or vegetation outside, make sure to bring it in for tonight and tomorrow!

7-Day Forecast: It will be a cold start to the month. Thursday will be even colder than today. Temperatures will even get below freezing moving into Thursday night. As this cold front passes, a high-pressure front will move into the area Friday. This will bring us clear and dry conditions for the weekend. Temperatures start to warm back up Saturday and we will even see some 70s by the beginning of the work week next week.

-Weather Forecaster Rachel Stinger


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