A Dry Start to March

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Tonight: As we make our way into the later evening hours, cloud cover may increase leaving us with mostly clear skies. Temperatures will drop to the upper 20s with the winds staying calm around 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow: In the morning, temperatures will be cool at only 30 degrees. As we make our way through the day temperatures will warm up, but not as warm as today. The high will reach 47 degrees and skies will be sunny. Conditions will remain clear. Tomorrow be sure to spend some time out in the sun!

7-Day Forecast: That sunshine will remain for the rest of the week. We will also see dry conditions for the remainder of the week as well. It has been a very dry week for the beginning of March. Temperatures cool down as we make our way into the weekend, but by the time we hit next week temperatures warm-up again.

-Weather Forecaster Rachel Stinger


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