Is snow coming are way?

Tonight: It is currently 66 degrees, partly sunny skies and possible showers are expected tonight. The expected low is 39 degrees and it will be cloudy skies. The current winds are blowing westward at 20 mph.

Tomorrow: The expected high is 50 and the low is 30 degrees. It is expected showers that are supposed to hit Tuesday afternoon and that is rating at a 45% chance. The winds will be blowing at 7 to 9 in the North northeast direction.By nightfall rain and snow showers are expected. The chances of precipitation is 80% and there is an expected wind gust to near around 22 mph.The winds will be blowing 6 to 14 mph in the northerly direction.

Seven Day: Taking a look into this week you the expected forecast looks like it will be sun, rain and snow. The temperatures appear to be remaining in the 40’s to 60 degree range. There is a freeze warning advisory from Tuesday night until Wednesday morning. From Thursday until Saturday there is an expected widespread of frost to be present. Other than those mishaps the sun should appear throughout this week. Enjoy your week and stay safe!

–Weather Forecaster: Ky’Lie Garland-Yates


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