Rain and Sun Moving Into May

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Tonight: The rain will come to a stop for the night leaving us with mostly cloudy skies and reaching a low just below 50 degrees. Winds will keep up with gusts reaching up to 16 miles per hour.

Tomorrow: We will finally see some sunny skies as tomorrow we will see some clouds, but that sun will be out for us and even have us needing to put on sunscreen as the UV index will reach up to 9! Temperatures will be a tad cooler as the high is only in the lower 60s and winds may make it feel a little cooler than that at times.

7-Day: Temperatures should remain 60s and 70s for this week with a few days expecting some showers and higher wind speeds. Sunday looks to be our warmest day for the week as that high number could even reach up to the 80s.

— Weather Forecaster Vanessa Hintz


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